Crowdfund Express' Exclusive Blog

Real estate is easy. All you need to do is put a few pieces together to make the best deals happen.

1) Real estate investing requires a very basic knowledge of how deals are put together.
2) All the action needed and work activities are delegated to licensed professionals.
   (brokers, architects, structural engineer, contractors etc.) 
3) You must have a good network of people to coordinate, supervise, pay as agreed, then deliver and get paid more money then repeat. 

A lot of people think that they need a lot of knowledge and massive action to make it happen in real estate but that is not true. What you truly need is the right amount of capital, along with the right people to do the work and the deals will flow. 

If you have the capital and the deals don’t flow, then change the team. It is not so complicated.  

I have done it for years. I did not even need to get my hands dirty. In the past 10 years I have been doing it from a distance and am wearing a suit all day.... a bathing suit that is! Do you know why? Because you can delegate many aspects of the daily supervision. I have flipped over 1400 homes and developed some of the most expensive homes in the country using the above system and methods.

So the key things are to have the right amount of capital and the right people. Getting the people is easy because these licensed professionals will quickly make themselves available to you in any city if they see that you have the capital to make the deals happen and they will even bring you the best deals. So long as they grow with you.

So let’s focus on how to get the money and raise capital:

1. Build credit (personal and business)
2. Build various relationships with lenders (private and institutional)
3. Build relationships with investors (network and show your deals)
4. Create legal structures (based on proven strategies to accept the money and manage it legally)
5. Manage the capital (safely, ethically and profitably)
6. Get everyone to grow with you in the process so they help you succeed (the idea is to grow and contribute)  

We offer various trainings on how to build credit and how to borrow from banks as well as how to deal with private lenders. We also focus on how to set up syndications to raise unlimited capital under the exemption rules of the Securities and exchange Commission.  And finally we also teach investors how to coordinate the simple and basic functions to put any deal together whether it is a small residential flip or a huge commercial development and we teach you how to do it in a safe, ethical and profitable manner.

Contact our offices for any of the above trainings and supports that we offer to ensure your future success.