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A Less Dramatic Way to Crowdfunding

You truly only know someone when you deal with money. A partner’s true character is revealed when a dramatic thing occurs such as one the four extremes below:

1) More money is made than expected (including an astonishing success)
2) Less money is made than expected (including a staggering loss)
3) More workload is demanded than expected
4) Less workload is required than expected

Unexpected, extreme results could cause partners to break up. The best way to survive and prosper is for the partners to agree to the terms and conditions of the partnership and spell as much of it in writing. Then keep the communication open to reinforce the duties and responsibilities of each of the parties.

A partnership can only prosper if each partner brings in a commitment of time, money and effort proportionate to the return. And keeps adding value without worrying too much about which of them gets the blame or the credit. This maybe unachievable by most people hence the reason for the short-term nature of most partnerships.

In a partnership, usually one invests the money and the other invests the time and effort. Sadly however, if something goes wrong, the one that stands to lose the most is the one that invested the money.

The reason is quite simple: The one that invested the time and effort is almost always able to add that experience to his/her resume and move on unscathed, while the other who forked the money is left out in shame holding the proverbial bag. An empty bag that is!

Unless both partners have skin in the game, the game is over before it begins.

Ironically in a partnership, in a small group, or a large organization or even in a government operation, the revolt of the members usually occurs during extreme financial times: When they run short on funds or when they make giant leaps of financial success, growth and affluence.

Before loaning anyone or any entity money you must assess the impact of failure on your financial situation. Once you are comfortable with that risk, you must then demand and obtain a qualified collateral.

Any loan given to help someone without a qualified collateral and a fairly good control of the outcome is nothing more than charitable donation without a true expectation of return or refund. It will require a herculean effort just to break even and the opportunity loss alone will make you regret such action.

To loan an honest person is good. To loan an honest person who is solvent is better. To loan an honest person, that is solvent and can give you a collateral is great.

And to partner or invest with Crowdfund Express is the ultimate best way you can go!

Wishing you the best deal structuring and returns on your money that any sponsor or investor can possibly find in this evolving crowdfunding landscape!