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Here are the Top 10 Reasons for a Sponsor (developer, fund manager, issuers, syndicators, deal makers, and/o borrowers) to Post Their Real Estate Deals and Projects on

  • It’s easy, simple and currently no fee application to submit your deal
  • The Company is committed to a 48 hour or less response to your application
  • You do not have to be an experienced fund manager (although you must be experienced with past positive results in similar real estate projects)
  • We offer co-sponsoring opportunities
  • We partner up on some deals
  • We could pre-fund your deal
  • We offer a choice of a low, flat fee to post and list
  • We help you promote your deal
  • Your posting substitutes your website and online automation to manage your investors and their investments
  • We could assist you in setting up your own fund
  • We offer Reg D 506 b, Reg D 506 c, Reg A postings and soon Reg CF!
  • We work with first time fund managers